South Korea Defends its Response to...

Political analysts said that North Korea’s shelling of South Korean waters was a response to its failing attempts to gain outside aid from the US and ...


Claims Management Companies Getting...

According to Citizens Advice, only 1 out of 7 people know that they can make PPI claims on their own. The organization estimates that claims managemen...


Italian Prime Minister Renzi Goes O...

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who recently replaced Enrico Letta, had won a senate confidence vote Tuesday. The former Mayor of Florence had ga...


Devyani Khobragade Has Left the Uni...

After a US Grand Jury had granted her immunity from a Visa fraud case, the US State Department had advised Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade to leave...

South Korea Defends its Response to North Korea Shelling

Political analysts said that North Korea’s shelling of South Korean waters was a response to its failing attempts to gain outside aid from the US and South Korea. It recently launched 500 artillery shells into South Korean waters calling it a live-fire exercise. South Korea retaliated with 300 artillery shells into North Korean waters.

All the shells fell into the water. Residents of the South Korean border islands were delivered into bomb shelters to protect themselves. Fishing boats in the area were advised to return to port. According to South Korean Ministry of National Defense Spokesman Kim Min-Seok, it was a pre-mediated provocation that tests the will of South Korea in protecting its borders. He said that South Korea will act decisively against North Korea.

Kim said that South Korea’s artillery response showed its vigor that it can defend its seas with enough capability against North Korea. It is also sending a message that South Korea will not tolerate any offensive by the North at any cost. According to political analysts, the situation may get worse if North Korea goes beyond its responses, such as shelling the waters of South Korean borders.

According to Korea Specialist and Professor of Political Science at Angelo State University in Texas Bruce Bechtol, the aim of North Korea is to stir the situation between them, South Korea and the United States.


Claims Management Companies Getting Bigger Cuts from PPI Complaints

According to Citizens Advice, only 1 out of 7 people know that they can make PPI claims on their own. The organization estimates that claims management companies or CMCs gain at least up to £5 billion of the £13.3 billion PPI compensation already paid back to consumers.

Citizens Advice blames banks for their lack of action allowing CMCs to take on the role to persuade consumers to make a PPI claim. According to them, CMCs are now costing them higher administrative fees now that they have no chance against an estimated 1,050 CMCs existing in the United Kingdom.

Most claims management companies work under a no win no fee basis that entitles a maximum of 25% of the refund to the CMC upon success of the payment protection insurance claim. This raises certain issues especially for indebted consumers. They can use the PPI to pay off their debt, but they are then indebted to their CMC instead.

According to Citizens Advice, most CMCs will try to persuade a consumer to let them make a claim for them on their behalf. Consumers who are uncertain about having payment protection insurance are often the ones to fall prey to CMCs.

PPI is designed to repay loans, mortgages and credit cards in case a consumer gets sick, unemployed or encounters an accident. However, due to incentives, many bank employees sold the insurance to many consumers who did not need or were ineligible for the insurance policy.

Italian Prime Minister Renzi Goes Over First Political Hurdle

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who recently replaced Enrico Letta, had won a senate confidence vote Tuesday. The former Mayor of Florence had gained favour from the public and his political party with youthful fervor and his critical attacks against Enrico Letta’s government. Renzi promises to deliver Italy from its financial problems by removing an “asphyxiating bureaucracy.”

Matteo Renzi is the youngest prime minister Italy had ever had at 39 years old. He said that he plans to lower Italy’s unemployment rate, specifically, the youth unemployment, which is currently at 40%.

Despite his victory with the senate confidence vote, many from Renzi’s democratic party are questioning his political style. Some said that his take-over from Enrico Letta had been very “heavy-handed”.

Currently, Italy is slowly recovering from its recession and carrying the burden of €2 Trillion in public debt.

Renzi promised that Italy’s improvement also lies in solidifying its financial organization and that complaints regarding austerity must end now. He stressed that complaints never had anything done at all, and action will be needed.

He was sworn in last Saturday in Napolitano in Rome. His cabinet is also the youngest in Italy’s history with an average age of 47.8 years old. However, the public still looks at the government critically because of their expected absence of political maturity in the political group.



Devyani Khobragade Has Left the United States

After a US Grand Jury had granted her immunity from a Visa fraud case, the US State Department had advised Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade to leave the United States immediately. Khobragade had not left the United States immediately according to her lawyer, but as of 10PM local time Friday, she had flown back to India.

Khobragade’s case, which had strained US and Indian relations specifically for the US authorities’ “strip search” conducted on the Indian diplomat that “humiliated” her.

The US grand jury granted her diplomatic immunity even if she is indicted for visa fraud and making false statements. The charges still remain with her and she will be tried without diplomatic immunity should she return to the United States.

Her visa fraud and the domestic help complaint from Sangeeta Richard was discovered when the latter complained about Khobragade not paying her on time and in proper dues. She was arrested December 12, 2013 for making false declarations in her maid’s visa application. A $250,000 bond ensured her release.

According to the Indian diplomat’s lawyer, she stayed for a night in her home after the State Department advised he to leave with her children then proceeded to fly back to India, as confirmed by the Indian Foreign Ministry.


Lloyds Increases PPI Bill to A Total of £8 Billion

The Lloyds Banking Group announced that they are adding a further £750 million to their PPI recompense package, bringing the bank’s total to £8 billion in overall PPI redresses. Lloyds is the biggest mis seller of PPI, with RBS coming second at £3 billion with an additional £250 million to their PPI redress package.

The total PPI recompense package is now at £17 billion. Observers said that this number is likely to surpass £20 billion, making it the most expensive financial fraud in the United Kingdom. It is more expensive than the London Olympics in 2012.

Payment protection insurance repays loans, mortgages and credit cards from unsavoury interest rates by addressing payment when consumers get sick or unemployed. But because ineligible consumers were mis sold the insurance, the government forced banks to refund the mis sold consumers. To know more about how to claim back your refunds, could help you with further information.

Without a sign of letting down, PPI complaints continue to soar. The Financial Ombudsman Service had announced that it has received its millionth claim. It reported that it had also received more than 265,000 PPI complaints in the previous two quarters of 2013.

The Financial Conduct Authority announced that a significant decrease in PPI complaints could be expected for 2014.

US Troop Pull Out in Afghanistan Imminent

According to the White House, if Afghan President Hamid Karzai will not sign an agreement on a remaining US military presence in the country, it will pull out all US forces stationed in Afghanistan. The deadlock on the agreement had strained the relationship of the two countries.

US National Adviser Susan Rice said that if Karzai delays the signing of the contract by the following year, it jeopardises the US plan to keep a security presence in the country as majority of the US forces in Afghanistan are recalled. According to Rice, the US will be forced to plan for a post-2014 future without any military or NATO presence in Afghanistan.

Without the signature, the US cannot verify clarity to initiate its plan that would stretch to 2014.

The signing of the contract turned for the worse when Karzai had brought up the issue on the release of Afghan prisoners from Guantanamo, to which US ambassador James Cunningham bluntly gave a response that became the root of all disagreements further in the meeting.

According to Cunningham, the peace process was not United States’ responsibility and the release of Afghan prisoners were not part of the security pact they were endorsing.

According to Senator Lindsey Graham, Karzai needs to realize that White House’s patience is not unlimited.


New Jersey Approves Same-Sex Marriage Laws

New Jersey becomes the 14th state to approve same-sex marriages. Mayors of different cities have led ceremonies to marry same-sex couples, who have either hastily planned their marriages or have waited for the right time the law becomes approved in the state.

Gay couples now own a pink marriage license. Many couples said that they were very happy with the approval of the law, feeling like they’ve won a major athletic competition. Couples of the same genders wearing suits or dresses held hands and hosted their respective receptions.

However, some of the public marriages were met with discontent. Some protesters shouted that it was “unlawful” against nature and religion. The police brought the protester in Newark out of the marriage proceedings. The mayor proceeded that the objection was “invalid and not worthy”, which led to the acclaim of the audiences of the first marriages.

Gay couples are now recognized with the same benefits as heterosexual couples, including joint tax filings, the right to live together and the right to share their financial burden and name in transactions.
Many couples expected a delay, but the court did not want to delay the evaluation of the case. Many exp
ect that more weddings will continue in the coming weeks.

Pakistan Church Attacks Kill 77 People

Around 77 people, including choir members and children were killed during a suicide bombing at a Protestant church in northwest Pakistan. According to the locals, it was one of the most vicious attacks the Christian community in history.
The All Saints Church of Pakistan in Peshawar hosts at least 500 people. By the end of the mass, two of the suicide bombers blew themselves up after entering the Church compound from the main gate. A great crowd of people were bloodied from the attack due to the hurling debris and fragments.

Aside from the 77 people who died during the attack, around 120 people were also wounded. The attack was claimed by an offshoot of the Pakistani Taliban, who said that unless drone strikes stop, they will continue to attack non-Muslims. The main Pakistani Taliban did not claim responsibility for the attack and said that it was only an attempt to sabotage the peace talks between the government and the Taliban.

The Church’s Reverend and Bishop of Peshawar, Humphrey S. Peters, condemned the local authorities for its failure to protect minorities from violence. Hundreds of people also took to the streets after the attack, protesting against the lax protection of minority groups.

In Pakistan, around 3% of the total population are Christians. Other minorities in the area were Shiite Muslims, who are targeted by the Sunnis in the country.

US Ambassador Openly Criticises Russian Leader Vladimir Putin

US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power accused Russia and Vladimir Putin for holding the United Nations Security Council hostage as it continuously vetoes draft proposals for a Syrian strike by allied nations. She openly said that the Security Council was no longer a “viable path” for ensuring justice and security in the international community.

The United Nations investigation team confirms that sarin gas was indeed used in the suspected chemical attack in Syria. Scientists at the Porton Down research laboratories in the United Kingdom said that traces of the gas were found on the cloth and soil samples.

The United States is currently campaigning on garnering support for a limited military strike in Syria along with France. Britain has stood down from their initial calls for an attack.

Russia and China continue to stand ground. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he will consider a military strike against Syria if the United States and the United Nations could show evidence that the regime was indeed responsible for the attack.

Power claimed that Putin was holding the United Nations Security Council hostage as the Syrian attack greatly shattered the international norm against the use of chemical weapons in the war. She said that the security council needed to deal with the Syrian crisis is not the existing United Nations Security Council.

Islamabad Stand-off Ends With Arrest Of Gunman

A violent stand-off in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, has ended with the arrest of a gunman. The gunman in question was shot in the leg by blue-uniform police after a certain politician had tried to disarm him but got shot himself. The politician, Zamurd Khan, is currently in good health and there does not seem to be any threat to his life.

Strangely, the gunman was in his car with a woman and two children when he was stopped for a traffic violation. This apparently set him off as he began firing two weapons indiscriminately and refused to leave the car or give up the arms. The name of the man was revealed simply as Sikandar. The others in the car were said to be his wife and children, who were duly arrested .The children are reported to be in “safe custody”. Media reports quoted the police as saying that the interior ministry gave them orders to prevent any death at all costs.

The whole stand-off shut down a part of central Islamabad, as all the drama was screened live on at least two Pakistani television stations. Various sources have reiterated the fact that police originally stopped the man for driving on the wrong side of the street. The gunman then came out his car and, initially using his wife as an intermediary to pass on notes to police, began swinging around weapons and demanding to see senior officers of the police. The gunman asserted “I am against vulgarity and immorality. My associates have taken up positions in the whole of Pakistan,” as he spoke to a local TV channel while making various other demands. The Twitter platform had seen a lot of strong criticism for some some TV channels for giving him so much publicity, as well as for interviewing him live.

Huge groups of wary onlookers gathered in the central Jinnah Avenue, hearing occasional gunshots resounding in the air. Interestingly, a close neighbour has told TV sources that the gunman’s house had been packed up and that the car at the centre of the stand-off was in fact hired. Various sources have said that security has been tight in Islamabad after police were warned about the possibility of attacks by militants based in tribal areas close to the Afghan border. Armed police are now present at most major access points into the city, which is home to most government buildings and diplomatic missions.

Spanish Train Crash Kills 77 Passengers

A train that bounced off the tracks in northwest Spain sent into collision four carriages that overturned in the crash. The incident resulted to a confirmed death of 77 passengers, leaving 143 more injured after the incident. Authorities are looking at a speeding angle as the cause of the crash.

The four train carriages pummelled into each other. The force of the crash tore one carriage apart as one of its ends remain exposed after the incident. The accident occurred at 8:42 PM local time as the 218 passenger-carrying train was about to enter the Santiago de Compostela station in Galicia.

Rescue teams have recovered 73 bodies from the crash site. Four seriously injured died in the hospital due to blood loss and nerve damage according to Galicia Regional High Court’s Spokesperson.

Witnesses said that the accident was one of the most brutal accidents Spain ever had. Nearby residents saw a few flying bodies after the crash and a fire before they rushed to help the people trapped inside the carriages.

Authorities speculate that the rushing train derailed due to speeding, but they claim it was too soon to be proven. They have begun an investigation as they uncover the contents of the train’s black box

Fizzy Drinks Increase Risk of Diabetes Warn Experts

Leading experts in the health field, recently conducted research into the effects of regular intake of fizzy drinks. Shockingly, the results of the research concluded that drinking just one sugary drink per day, could raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 22%.

Not only that, but if you consume more than 1 fizzy drink a day, then the risk nearly doubles.

A lead researcher commented: “fizzy drinks should be seen as a treat that you have every couple of weeks, not as a substitute for water every time you feel thirsty.”

Typically, a fizzy drink contains around 150 sugar based calories, which over time can become very dangerous for your body, and lead to diseases and conditions such as diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and heart problems.

So what can you do if you don’t want to become another statistic?

Obviously, you should begin by limiting the amount of fizzy drinks that you consume. As mentioned above, only drink them as a treat once every couple of weeks, and refrain from drinking them every day.

Also, be careful of so called “diet” drinks, that claim they are a healthy alternative to sugar based drinks, but in fact can be just as harmful. This is due to the artificial sweeteners contained in the ingredients.

So what are the alternatives?

Fruit juice can be a good option, but you need to read the labels closely. Many of the fruit juices sold in supermarkets are just as bad for you as fizzy drinks, due to the high sugar and artificial sweeteners used.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider producing your own homemade fruit juice from scratch. This is actually not as hard as it sounds. You can buy quality juicers at reasonable prices from many high street shops, and the actual process of juicing is quick and simple.

Also, make sure you drink plenty of water each day to stop yourself from becoming dehydrated. Experts recommend drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, but this can vary depending on your size and location.

For example, if you live in a country that is hot, then you will need to drink more water to keep yourself well hydrated.

Lastly, it can be beneficial to consider a health supplement such as Pure Garcinia Cambogia which Dr Oz championed . Taking just one tablet a day can help to suppress your appetite and reduce cravings for fizzy drinks.

UK Summer Brings Joy to Citizens, But May Cause Alarming Health Risks

According to experts, the United Kingdom is experiencing a one-in-dozen heatwave from a continuous stream of rainy days, but the country is not ready for the summer season. Because of the design of flats, air-conditioning and other environmental factors, the health and safety risks of UK citizens increases.

According to the Royal Institute of British Architects, most UK flats are insulated to keep out the cold and retain the warmth inside a home. However, with hotter temperatures, these insulated homes may actually cause fainting due to heat exhaustion. Since majority of UK’s seasons revolve around rain and snowy days, designs of the flats have not changed over time.

UK’s HVAC systems were not designed to bring in cold into homes and most houses in the country only have radiators to provide heat. According to experts, the UK workplace is only where air conditioning is available.

Experts are also troubled with railways because metals expand with heat. Waterloo station had a loose track on Monday, which caused unexpected delays for many passengers. However, it is the manner that the railways were built that could cause great disruption.

Also, UK has no cooling centres available in the United States and other tropical countries, which provide immediate heatwave relief for citizens. The few numbers of swimming pools in the country is also a cause for alarm.

Nigerian Terrorist Attack Leaves 41 Children Dead

Nigerian insurgent groups opened fire on a government’s secondary school in Mamudo on Saturday, killing 41 children dead. Petrol was also used to burn some of the children alive. The children’s teacher was also killed during the attack.

A surviving pupil, Musa Hassan, 15 years old, said that they were sleeping in the schools when they heard gunshots and someone pointed a gun at him as he woke up. He suffered a gunshot wound that blew off four fingers on his right hand.

The gunmen burnt the school’s administrative block and hostel areas. Hassan said that the gunmen burned the children alive.

The remaining survivors were taken to a clinic a few kilometres away and were put under military guard in the hospital.

The government secondary school housed at least 1,200 students. Hundreds of students who may have escaped into the bushes were still not found.

Alarmed parents, such as Malam Abdullahi who had two children who fell victims to the attack, said that he is to withdraw his remaining children from a nearby school because of the lack of security for students. One of his sons were shot in the back as he tried to run away and the other was shot in the chest.

The attackers are believed by the Nigerian military to be as Boko Haram, or the Nigerian Taliban, which is also known to have close ties with the International Terrorist Group Al-Qaeda. The group had called upon banning western education which they believe is the root of corruption and criminality in Nigeria.

Why Many Don’t Bother to Make a PPI Claim

Many of those who are eligible to make a PPI claim shy away from doing so because they do not think it is worth the time or effort. Others are scared of entering into a legal battle or similar situation with a large financial firm.

Fortunately, these things are not as scary as they seem, and these can certainly be a hassle free process – and of course, it really is worth it!

The average successful PPI claim is roughly £2,750, so even if you are on the lower end of the claims ladder you are likely to receive a nice settlement fee.

How much effort is required to make a PPI claim?

You may be thankful to know that making a claim against payment protection insurance (PPI) can be taken care of with minimal stress and issues. In fact, once you have chosen a claims management company to direct your claim through, they do all the hard work!

Is it really worth the risk?

What risk? There really is very little risk associated with making a PPI claim. It is a common misconception that it costs a large amount of money to make your claim in the first place, and that even that doesn’t guarantee you will win.

You have no need to worry, over the recent years a large portion of respected claims management companies have started using a no-win, no fee policy. This means that if you don’t win your claim, you don’t have to pay a dime. These companies will only charge you a percentage of your claim, if they are able to successfully get your money back.

Where do I go from here?

Now that you know how simple it is to make a PPI claim you should begin to look around for claims management companies who can get the job done for you. It is always recommendable to get in touch with these businesses so that you can find out exactly what they can offer you.

You should also get them to walk you through the claims process and help you find out if you are eligible to make a claim in the first place.

With a quick online search you will be able to find hundreds of success stories and feedback, this should give a great indication as to which is the best PPI claims company for you to use.


Always remember to ask about how they charge for this service, don’t settle for anything less than a no-win, no fee policy for your own protection.

US To Meet Taliban to Seek Afghanistan Peace

The 12 year war in Afghanistan between the local government, the US and the Taliban may finally come to an end this month as Tuesday, peace talks will be held by the two parties to discuss a political solution that would bring good governance in Afghanistan.

The Taliban recently opened their office in Doha, Qatar for the talks. The US agreed to talk but US President Barack Obama said that the talk is only the start of the peace between the Afghan government and the Taliban and it will not be so easy to attain peace with a single talk.

US officials fear that the process will take some years to a decade and may possibly be subject to reversals, but Obama indicated that it is an important first step in making concessions.

The US hopes that the meeting will allow the first ever official peace talk between the Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and the Taliban. The Taliban have long fought for Karzai to step down from Afghan office and continue to battle US troops to “drive the foreigners away”.

US said that the Doha talks would focus on having the Taliban break with the al Qaeda terrorist group, end the violence and accept the Afghanistan constitution and the rights of women and minorities.

Prince Philip Due for Weeks’ Confinement in Hospital

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is about to undergo a critical medical operation under general anaesthetic later for his abdominal pains. The 92-year old prince will remain at a Harley Street clinic for around two weeks. Buckingham Palace said that the Prince is to undergo an operation and that the hospital visit was planned. The Palace ensures that the Prince is in very good health.

The Prince went to The London Clinic after he attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace. He was in good spirits and was in a very warm mood with the guests at the garden party. Sir John Pearce, the Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, said that he observed Prince Philip and the Prince was in high spirits telling jokes to companions.

On Monday, the Prince felt a bit sick and lost his voice, missing a Palace engagement on the same day. However, officials say this was not connected to his abdominal pains on Thursday.

Prince Philip had sicknesses that come with age. He had two hospital admissions last year because of a bladder infection where he missed the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations. On Christmas last year, he also suffered a blocked coronary artery. However, at the beginning of this year, he had a very busy schedule of attending to Canada and was at the Queen’s side on Tuesday for the 60th Anniversary of her coronation.

Tougher Regulations For Payday Loans in The USA

Federal regulators are planning to take action against payday loans, in a move that could shake up the entire industry.

Millions of Americans are finding it hard to keep up with their loan repayments, and very often find themselves in a vicious cycle of debt that see’s them taking out one loan just to pay back another.

The main regulation that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would like to see implemented, is waiting times between loans, which would limit that amount of loans a person could get in a particular time period.

A spokesperson for the Bureau commented, “the effectiveness of limitations, such as cooling-off periods, would help in curbing sustained use and other harms.”

This move would be welcomed by many consumer groups, who have been campaigning for tougher restrictions on payday loan lenders for many years.

One of the main reasons why payday loans have become so popular in the last few years, is because lenders do not typically run a credit check on applicants. This means that even if your credit score is extremely low, you could still qualify for one of these loans.

Also, the banks and other mainstream lenders have become much tighter on their guidelines, which means that more and more people are failing to get a personal loan from these institutions.

This leaves many people with nowhere else left to turn, and a payday loan becomes the only viable option to get a few hundred dollars in their pocket within a short amount of time.

Online payday loans

In the past, the traditional way to get a payday loan was to visit one of the many lending outlets around the country. While this is still popular, online payday lenders are now taking the majority share of the market.

This is mainly due to the speed and ease of such loans. Applicants don’t have to leave their home, and can often get approved for a payday loan within minutes, and then see the money deposited to their bank account in only a few hours.

Not only that, but online payday companies also advertise in many different media platforms, such as television, radio, magazines, and newspapers, which helps them reach a larger audience than ever before.

Tougher regulations

It remains to be seen if tougher regulations will help to clean up the payday loan industry in the USA. Ultimately, it may drive people to seek out illegal loan sharks, which would put them in an even more vulnerable position.

Two sons of renowned Mexican journalist couple killed in Chihuahua

Two sons of a famous Mexican journalist couple was killed by hit men in a northern town in Chihuahua, as stated by the spokesman from the general’s office last Sunday. On the other hand, seven bodies were also discovered by the authorities in the same area but in an unconnected incident. According to the statement of the spokesman Carlos Gonzales, the two guys namely Alfredo P`aramo, 20, and Diego P`aramo, 21 died of several gunshots on Saturday when gunslingers in a car go after them.

David P`aramo, the father of the two was a prominent financial journalist in Mexico, who holds a radio show and is also seen in a network in Azteca television and also owns a newspaper in a national column and her wife Martha Gonzalez was the well-known editor of the El Peso local newsprint. Spokesman Gonzales added that it’s still unclear why the two boys were in the area but they’re quite sure that they’re parents job has nothing to do with the assault. The journalists in Mexico are usually killed by their reports about the drug users’ interest group’s activities. An advocacy group based in New York, the Committee to Protect Journalists indicated that since in the year 1992, at least 25 journalists were killed in Mexico.

Police discovered seven bodies abandoned in a vehicle on Sunday morning in a district in Mexico City. A police spokesman said that two of the found bodies were unclothed while other three were identified ranging in ages 14 to 42. It revealed that all of the corpses found in the Ecatepec were killed by gunshots. In the previous year, authorities also discovered eight corpses abandoned in a borough with 2 million people residing.

Five Iraq car bombs went off in Shiite cities killed 36 and injured many

Five car bombs exploded primarily in Shiite cities and central and southern Iraq districts on Monday, which caused the death of 36 individuals and injures dozens in the recent act of violence occurring in the country, as stated by Iraqi officials. The Monday’s explosion was believed to be the tactics used by the group of al-Queda in Iraq since no one claims responsibility on the incident.

Current deaths including last Tuesday no less than 218 people were killed in fights and attacks between murderers and armed forces in Northern Iraq. The extremely lethal assault was last Monday when two bombs on a parked car exploded in the southern city of Amarah, in a crowd of construction workers and a marketplace which caused 18 deaths and 42 injured, based on the police. Another attack happened when another parked car bomb went off in Diwaniyah city closed to a restaurant, which killed nine individuals and wounded at least 42.

No less than three cars including nearby shops were destroyed by the explosion. Several hours later, another car bomb went off in Shiite city of Karbala killing three people and wounded 14, police said. In Sunni town of Mahmoudiya, 20 miles south of Baghdad, a car bomb blast nearly in Shiite which caused the death of six and 14 injured.Violence within the areas has happened since Tuesday, when police authorities tried to arrest ijn a Sunni Muslim camp in Hawija, a northern city.