Mexican Press Calls On President To...

International writers and artists including Paul Auster, Alfonso Cuaron, Salman Rushdie and Sergio Ramirez had sent a letter to Mexicn President Enriq...

Middle East Swept By Intense Heat W...

Iran's City of Bandar Mahshahr had seen mercury levels rise from unacceptable 46C to intense temperatures that feel more like 73C. Countries in the Mi...

China Bounces Back With a Surprise ...

China's stock market turmoil became one of the world's biggest news as it may extremely affect the world global economy should stocks continue to slip...

Greek Prime Minister Proposes Two-Y...

Hours before the decisive deadline of Greece as Euro-Greece talks had broken down in the last few weeks. The proposal, however, has not yet received a...

Mexican Press Calls On President To End Press Violence

International writers and artists including Paul Auster, Alfonso Cuaron, Salman Rushdie and Sergio Ramirez had sent a letter to Mexicn President Enrique Pena Nieto to urge him to stop the violence against journalists in Mexico. US’ PEN International Chapter posted the letter on their website and more than 500 journalists, writers and creative artists all over the world had signed the petition.

The letter referred to the murders of Ruben Espinosa and four women including human rights activist Nadia Vera on July 31 in Mexico City.

Espinosa was a photojournalist and his murder was the latest in the “long series of outrages against the press, and it took place in a city that was considered one of the last safe places in the country for reporters to work. There would now seem to be no safe haven for the profession,” said the letter.

Espinosa moved to Mexico City after he received threats in the Gulf State of Veracruz.

The Mexican National Human Rights Commission or CDNH had found evidence pointing to the involvement of government officials in many of the journalist attacks in the last few years.


Middle East Swept By Intense Heat Wave

Iran’s City of Bandar Mahshahr had seen mercury levels rise from unacceptable 46C to intense temperatures that feel more like 73C. Countries in the Middle East are suffering intense heat waves due to the Persian Gulf, according to experts.

AccuWeather Meterorologist Anthony Sagliani explained how the Persian Gulf caused the heat wave.

“Around the Persian Gulf, where water temperatures are in the lower to middle 90s [30s C], the extreme heat combines with incredibly high humidity to produce astounding apparent temperatures.”

In Iraq, temperatures in Baghdad had reached above 50C this week up to 52C. The government had implemented a four-day holiday beginning on Thursday with plenty of residents encouraged to drink plenty of water and never leave their homes unless necessary.

Iraq, a country that lacks resorts and new travel restrictions disallowing anyone to escape from the country’s generous heat has a large population at risk of heat wave sicknesses.

Plenty of children and adults swim in rivers and irrigation canals. Shopping malls have maximised their air-conditioning units to help lower temperatures. AC systems are troublesome for most Iraqi households due to consistent electricity and water cuts.

China Bounces Back With a Surprise 7% GDP

China’s stock market turmoil became one of the world’s biggest news as it may extremely affect the world global economy should stocks continue to slip. However, the re-set economic numbers were defeated as China showed a GDP increase by 7%.

Analysts predicted that China’s economy would dip from 7% in the first quarter down to 6.8%. China’s Bureau of Statistics claimed on Wednesday morning said the government had met its target for 2015 to have its GDP grow around 7%.

“The national economy has been running within proper range and the major indicators picking up steadily, showing moderate but stable and sound momentum of development,” China’s National Bureau of Statistics said in a statement.

Not all analysts have been impressed with the numbers. Analysts continued the argue that the numbers may have been manipulated and that Beijing’s statistics could not be trusted. Beijing had earlier been criticised for its conduct during the stock market slip.

China’s growth the previous year had fallen to 7.4%, the lowest it has had since 1990.

Chinese Chief Economist For UBS said the Chinese Stock Market crash did not deter the Chinese stock market and said that the planned reform of the Chinese government was still right on track.

Greek Prime Minister Proposes Two-Year Plan For Greek Bailout To EU

Hours before the decisive deadline of Greece as Euro-Greece talks had broken down in the last few weeks. The proposal, however, has not yet received any EU feedback as of yet. Meanwhile, as the deadline looms, Greek banks have closed its banks to avoid the collapse of the Euro.

Meanwhile, EU countries have cast votes on whether Greece should remain in the Euro. However, Tsipras, resting the vote of yes or no for the EU bailout austerities on a Sunday referendum in Greece, has confined the EU to honour the Greek referendum.

Pro-EU groups have pushed for the new austerity measures. According to the Greek Chamber of Commerce, the country is “familiar” with the austerities that Greece can handle it rather than commit “national suicide.”

Tsipras said in a letter addressed to the Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem that Greece is fully committed to servicing its external debt but highlights that “securing the viability of the Greek economy, growth and social cohesion” is included.

It still remains unclear whether the Greek government will agree to the EU’s tough policies. However, EU countries have yet to show any indication that they would be flexible for Greece.

Tiburtina Railway Station With 100 New Migrants, Pressure Builds For Rome

Officials are currently trying to channel a water tap into a makeshift refugee camp near Tiburtina Railway Station, signifying the increasing pressure for Rome to help the migrants.

Originally coming from no-jurisdiction areas after France increased Italian border security, the 100 migrants staying in tents in the shadow of the station served as their home.

The Italian Red Cross and local authorities provided these as support after the growing number of migrants began gathering at the train station.

According to Red Cross Director for Poverty Reduction Alessandro Radicchi

“They’re here because they’ve closed the border; people wanted to go elsewhere in Europe but now the border’s been blocked. This isn’t just a problem today, this is a problem in general.”

France’s increased security checks had left many closed off from heading to France towards their journey. Most of the migrants were asylum seekers. They are required to travel to Northern Europe to avoid the checks.

The government and Red Cross sponsored refugee camps have beds and toilets.

Some of the migrants in Italy and Rome have come as far as Syria and Eriteria.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi called for EU Regulation Changes to help Asylum seekers find the right place to register.

Camera Drone Slices Off Enrique Iglesia’s Fingers During Tijuana Show

In a bullfighting ring in Tijuana, 40-year-old singer Enrique Iglesias grabs a camera drone used to take photos of his 12,000 audiences during his Sex and Love World Tour.

However, accident was abound as the Latin star had his hands injured during the attempt to catch it onstage.

Despite bleeding, Iglesias comes back to the stage and finishes his concert while his hands were bleeding through the dressing.

According to his representative, Iglesias’ actions were usual during some nights when he grabs the drone to give his audience a point of view shot.

The representative said that during the instance, something went wrong and he had an accident.

Iglesias remained on stage for 30 more minutes until he was given preliminary first aid via ambulance and flown to LA for treatment.

The singer is due to perform more shows in Mexico the following month before he heads to Spain, Monaco and Turkey.

Showing bizarre love and passion for his Mexican fans, Iglesias drew a heart over his shirt using the blood from his fingers.

How the United States Failed To Undermine Russia

Russia had always been the United States’ number one rival when it came to economic development. Particularly, Russian President Vladimir Putin was the number one obstacle in the United States political interest.

Adizes Institute President Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes had spoken to a Harvard professor specialising in American foreign policy that the forming of a political alliance between Russia, China and Germany is the number one fear of the United States. According to Adizes, it might just be what is happening in the world today.

The Russian economic situation is quite difficult due to the western sanctions and the lower price of oil. However, Russians have always survived hardships.

Most Russian believe Putin, despite his crudeness and his iron will, is a hero for Russians despite conquering Crimea against the ideals of the United States.

China had also made deals with Russia and are slowly developing their relationship together with the BRICS Bank. Russia may also use China’s payment infrastructure.

Germany’s economy, interdependent with Russia, is the last thing that needs to happen to realise the American Nightmare. Germany is also geographically close to Russia than to the United States. Meanwhile, The US has Germany as its junior partner.

Meanwhile Germany can be treated as an equal partner should it decide to join Russia as an ally.

Despite Tragedies, Africa Remains Mum on Mediterranean Crisis

The tragedy that killed about 500 African migrants near the coast of Malta and Italy had left the world scathed with the realisation that something needs to be done. But of all the affected countries, the source of immigrants remain silent for some reason.

African Journalist Ghanaian Elizabeth Ohene treads deeper into the reason why African leaders have remained silent about the death of migrants.

She said at the southern part of Africa, Black South Africans discriminate against black African immigrants from African countries. They want these immigrants to return to their countries.

Ghana’s High Commissioner said that she had received threats of burning down her High Commission Office in Accra.

On the northern African area, young Africans are struggling to survive in the Mediterranean as they drowned by the side of Europe.

Comments came from The African Union Commission Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. However, Elizabeth Ohene said that Dlamini-Zuma’s comments were “low-sprited”.

Aside from her, there was no comment from any other foreign ministry in Africa.

Ohene said that Africa must pay attention to the events unfolding in the North. She said that Africa is unlikely to be silent about these issues. However, she pointed out that it is possible Africa has felt the shame that the African youth feels about the hopelessness of their country.

Cuban President Praises US For Removing It From Terrorist List

US President Barack Obama had removed Cuba from the US State Department list of potential terrorist backers. Cuban President Raul Castro met the president during the Summit of the Americas in Panama.

Obama said in his statement that Cuba has “not provided any support for militant groups or known terrorist groups in the last six months” and it had given indication it would not do so in the next few years.

The move comes after the two countries had normalised ties.

Cuba Head Diplomat for the United States Josefina Vidal said:

“The Cuban government recognised the fair decision made by the president of the United States to eliminate Cuba from a list that it never should have been included on, especially considering our country has been the victim of hundreds of acts of terrorism that have cost 3,478 lives and maimed 2,099 citizens.”

The Cuban public welcomed the move, finally “breathing and joyous” that the United States does not view them as “terrorists” but rather supporters of peace and tranquillity.

Cuba landed itself in the list in 1982 after the US believed them to have supported and promoted armed revolution by organisations that used terrorism.


Analysts Believe That The Iran Deal Will Not Change Status Quo in the Middle East.

As the Iran deadline is extended with negotiators still working out ways to iron out the scenario, the Middle East might be seeing something different in the next few years once the deal is approved.

UK, US, France, Germany, Russia and China had met with Iranian officials to secure a deal that would permanently guarantee the world that Iran’s controversial Nuclear Programme will have permanent limitations. In exchange, Western bodies will lift up the economic blockades that had pushed down Iran in the last few years.

Analysts said that Middle East’s economy will drastically change because Iran has skilled individuals and a very established and enduring industrial base. The country had massive opportunity to help the local economy.

They said Iran had been desperate long enough for a deal as the sanctions continue to hurt the Iranian economy.

However, plenty still doubt the possibility of lifting Iran’s sanctions.

Analysts also make it clear that the potential deal attracted lots of criticism. Rebels allegedly backed by Iran in Yemen had it in a faux-war against Saudi Arabia, who supported the government against the rebels.

According to analysts, Saudi Arabia also feels “betrayed” by its Western partners. It is strongly opposed against lifting the economic sanctions on Iran.

Meanwhile, they also advise against believing a deal with Iran can “fix things” in the Middle East.

To Salvage US and Asia’s Economy, Experts Say US Must Turn To Asia

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is the US’ best bet to help maximise its economy, and please its Asian partners.

According to FT Writer Director Emeritus and Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics Fred Bergsen, China’s decision to create a development bank for Asia is dividing the east and west from each other. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which would open this year, had created more division and hostility between Beijing and Washington.

Washington has angrily opposed the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which would benefit China and 20 other Asian countries in developing and providing investments for energy, power, transportation, telecommunications and other infrastructure needs in these countries.

Bergsten stresses that Asian Infrastructure investment will help develop competition and create balance among markets. He said that working from within is better than complaining about the new system outside the system itself.

Meanwhile, he praised the United States for urging China to exercise leadership with its expanding economic power and to provide more resources to support the development of the Asian economy and other goals. But he deems that hte US is a hypocrite if it would encourage Asian countries to block the AIIB.

He said the best recourse is to join the AIIB and persuade the US Congress to get a minority share. This would encourage China to exercise constructive Global Leadership.

Knights Templar Drug Cartel Leader Caught in Mexico

Mexican Federal Police had caught Knights Templar Drug Cartel Leader Servando Gomez on Friday. According to CNN En Espanol’s interview, Gomez was detained on Friday in the Michoacan capital of Morelia about 135 miles west of Mexico City.

Police said that their operations, which involved following one of his messengers tht provides him food and clothing, had allowed the police to locate his hideout. The police moved in after he stepped outside the house, hidden under a scarf and hat to conceal his identity.

The police had also seized nearby properties months ago before they finally reached the stronghold of Gomez.

His brother Flavio Gomez was also arrested.

The Knights Templar drug cartel is involved in drug trafficking, killings and extortions in central-western Mexico. For years it had operated. It was also challenged by rival cartels and vigilantes who found the Mexican Government not doing enough to protect the citizens from the dangerous and influential cartels.

The Mexican government sent in soldiers in Michoacan and other areas to disable and weaken the immense operations of the Knights Templar. Mexican officials deemed this to have been effective, leading up to the events that put Servando Gomez in custody.

The Knights Templar Cartel was born after the death of La Familia Michoacana Cartel leader Nazario Moreno. Due to the disagreements and splits between the cartel leaders, a large part of the members have created the Knights Templar, which took over the La Familia Michoacana operations.


Rio’s Pet Parade Showcases the Most Elaborate Costumes in the World

Any party in Rio is stunning and beautiful. From Mardi Gras to street parties, it’s always perfect in Brazil. Brazil’s carnival festival is quite unique this year as it showcases Copacabana’s Pet Parade shows some of the cutest dogs with elaborate costumes.

Over 100 dogs walked the Blocao party. With the Carnival spirit, they walked around, posed for pictures and did the best thing they could do, look very awesome and cute.

Owners have also worn their costume alongside dogs, but the dogs and cats wore the best costumes during the parade.

Some Canines were dressed like bumblebees, ladybirds and superheroes. Over 500 dogs went with their owners to celebrate the parade. The gigantic street party stopped traffic to Rio de Janeiro’s carnival.

Animal rights crusaders endorsed their mission visions.

Dogs wore bow ties, scarves, famous Disney character costumes and more.

A delightful set of photographs could be found in The Daily Mail.

Jordan Vows to Do Everything to Secure the Release of Captive Pilot

After the beheading of Japanese Journalist Kenji Goto, Japan and Jordan had strongly condemned the actions of the Islamic State (IS). Jordan has vowed to do everything in its power to secure the release of Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh, a hostaged pilot of the terrorist group.

According to Jordan, it was willing to exchange an Iraqi prisoner for his safe return. Jordan Government Spokesman Mohammed al-Momeni had confirmed this to the official Jordanian Media Petra News Agency

“All state organisations have been mobilised to secure the proof of life that we require so that he can be freed and returned to his home,” he said.

The Islamic State had exposed Lt. Kasasbeh very little, putting the two Japanese hostages who had been beheaded in the spotlight.

Meanwhile, his family prays for his safety and is urging the government to share their information whichever they discover. They also pray that Kenji Goto’s beheading will not implicate the life of the pilot directly and immediately.

Momeni confirmed that Jordan has “spared no effort, in coordination with the Japanese government” to save the life of Kenji Goto.

Kasasbeh’s F-16 crash landed in IS-held territory in Syria last December. He was part of the US-led airstrikes against the Islamic State since September.


Diversity In the Nominations For This Year’s Oscars

This year’s Oscar nominations are quite diverse compared to previous ones. With American Sniper leading against Selma, everyone expected the humble movie Boyhood to remain underneath the spotlight.

To which it does not budge outright; Boyhood, along with Birdman, are competing against each other. Boyhood and Birdman have something in common as it appeals to the human psyche. The two films became Oscar favourites. Boyhood has six nominations, including best picture and best director. Birdman landed nine nominations, including a best actor award for seasoned actor Michael Keaton.

Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper landed six nominations. Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel had nine, while the Imitation Game had eight nominations.

Many also saw that the Oscars had nominated white actors. All 20 nominated actors from all movies never included a black cast.

Selma’s late December arrival became its losing game against American Sniper, according to analysts. Meanwhile, The Grand Budapest Hotel garnered some surprise awards. It managed nine nominations, but not one for its actors.

The Theory of Everything rounded out the best actor category. Eddie Redmayne had done a splendid job acting as the acclaimed Stephen Hawking in the film about his life. He was woken by the news about his nomination.


Terrifying Remnants from AirAsia Flight Found

Several bodies and floating debris had been spotted in the search for the missing AirAsia flight in the Java Sea.

Indonesia AirASia flight QZ8501, an Airbus A320-200, was lost in the airwaves early on Sunday. Bad weather conditions on a flight from the city of Surabaya to Singapore have caused a cut-off in communications. Air traffic controllers had speculated the aircraft may have crashed, springing Indonesian and Southeast Asian volunteers to survey the areas the aircraft may potentially have crashed.

Indonesia’s national media reports spotting bodies floating in the water. They have also cited Indonesian officials that a shadow of a plane underneath the sea could be seen off the Kalimantan coast in the Java Sea. They have also spotted an exit door from the Flight QZ8501 in the area during the search.

According to Acting Director-General of Air Transportation at the Indonesian Transportation Ministry, “The debris is red and white. We are checking if it’s debris from the aircraft. It’s probably from the body of the aircraft.”

Before the communications with the aircraft had gone missing, the pilot of the plane ,an air veteran, asked to change course and climb above bad weather as it was passing through a thunderstorm.

The plane was carrying 162 passengers with the majority Indonesians, three South Koreans and one person from Singapore, Malaysia, Britain and France respectively.


Metalsa Focuses on Helping Lower Mexico’s Unemployment Numbers

According to a UN Population Fund Study, the number of working-age individuals in different countries continues to increase. The study had highlighted different opportunities to build industries and improve economies. This is something that Metalsa from Mexico intends to enrich in the youth of Mexico.

Metalsa is an organisation dedicated to inspiring young people to develop the necessary skills and knowledge in the manufacturing industry by promoting science and technology. Metalsa also promotes sustainable methods and models for youth employment.

They also focus on quality issues especially the employee’s ties with their families. They also implement a corporate citizenship program that protects the environment. As part of its sustainable development, Metalsa intends to develop the communities where it operates.

Community development is very important for Metalsa. Its programs center on developing technical and engineering skills and knowledge in young people to reduce dropout rates in low-income schools.

Mexico has the highest number of youth aged 15-24 dropping out of school.

In the first phase of the program, teachers and facilitators allow students to build structures based on the principles of force and motion, measurement, energy and magnetism. Then, in the second phase, students will have to make their theoretical frameworks function, generating proposals and participating in actual operations projects in a Metalsa facility.


Controversial New Law Threatens Israel’s Government Stability

As coalition partners turn against Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, the Israel government’s stability is teetering. A controversial new law has split the country in half as cabinet rivals turn against the designation of the country as a Jewish state.

Netanyahu signalled he was ready to call an early general election against the opposition. The opposition was made by centrist coalition partners and even the right-wing Likud Party.

“Recently, hardly a day passes without us running into diktats or threats of resignation, or ultimatums and such, as ministers attack the government and its prime minister,” Mr. Netanyahu told Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting.

“I hope that we will be able to return to proper conduct. This is what the public expects of us because only thus is it possible to run the country, and if not, we will draw conclusions.”

The events may propel the country to an early election less than two years before Netanyahu formed a right wing coalition.

He had accused Finance Minister and Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid of “petty politics” while ignoring the budget and the country’s foreign relations, the foremost problems the country faces.


Artificial Intelligence Creates, Explains Magic Tricks

A computer program could outline how a magic jigsaw puzzle and how a mind reading card trick works. Researchers have also taught the program how to explain and perform the magic tricks, allowing the program to create new trick variants which a magician could use.

The tricks made use of mathematical techniques and proved to be popular with audiences. Researchers have sold the magic puzzle and card trick with popular retailers.

According to Queen Mary University of London Researcher Howard Williams:

“Computer intelligence can process much larger amounts of information and run through all the possible outcomes in a way that is almost impossible for a person to do on their own. So while, a member of the audience might have seen a variation on this trick before, the AI can now use psychological and mathematical principles to create lots of different versions and keep audiences guessing.”

The magic jigsaw puzzle had the AI factor in the size of the puzzle, the number of pieces needed, the number of shapes that appear and disappear and the ways the puzzle could be arranged. Using the principle of probability allowed the AI to produce different approaches to produce the desired result. The same probability-based technique was used to formulate the different card magic tricks.


Eight Year Old Author Uses $1 Million in Book Sales To Help Best Friend

Dylan Siegel, an eight-year-old author, has sold more than 21,000 copies of his book “Chocolate Bar.” The most amazing thing is that he hasn’t kept a penny he earned for himself.

Dylan made sure that all the book’s proceed go directly to a University of Florida fund that does research on combatting Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD). Dylan’s best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, is his benefactor for the research.

Dylan has earned more than $900,000 from supporters in over 60 countries. He is nearing his $1 million goal. “Chocolate Bar,” now on its second year, was celebrated by Dylan and Jonah in the Wise Elementary School in Los Angeles on Sunday. They read the book to students and sold copies, chocolate bars, bracelets and other merchandise.

“I am so, so, so excited to be able to help my friend,” Dylan said in an interview. “I am thankful to people everywhere for letting me share my story and inspire kids to change the world.”

GSD is a disease that affects the body’s usage of glycogen, a stored sugar. Jonah’s disease is a rare kind. Within six months after birth, he was diagnosed with the disease. It disables to body to digest sugars, making his parents feed him a special formula using a tube in his stomach.

The program in the University of Florida said that they had almost run out of funding until the Siegel family approached them about raising money for the disease.